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She wanders the barren lands of Yria, breathing life into the grounds, whispering softly to her children to not shy away from sight. She is a mythical being of Yria as one of the lores written to reflect on the hopes that Yrians have to see their lands green again.

This is the first Yria based commission from my campaign (perk "Yria Explorer"). It often happens that I come up with stories to include the characters into the worldbuilding and make them be a part of it.
On Yria, people celebrate harvest seasons by crafting big leaves out of fabric to make themselves look like Flora. Children and their parents then hike along the driest paths to bury seeds in hopes that Ehraahn will be verdant again. This educational and hopeful festivity includes a harvest in areas where Yrians have been successful with their endeavours.
For Flora Fiore.
This one was especially wholesome for me to work on. Love nature. <3